What does bad breath mean for your health?

A common misbelief is that bad breath is associated with ill health. With the vast majority of cases the problem is actually an imbalance in bacteria. The bacteria are affected by various lifestyle choices we all have such as smoking, drinking, eating and poor oral hygiene etc. Each allows bacteria to build up in our mouths. Simply brushing your teeth unfortunately is not enough.

Not only can bad breath effect your confidence, it can hinder relationships, your career and your overall health and well-being. How do we help? A proper cleaning regime is needed to remove this bacteria buildup which can lead to tooth decay, bad breath and worse.

At Accent Dental Care, we can diagnose the cause of your bad breath with our OralChroma machine, which is a scientific breath analyser. This will take a sample of the air in your mouth and identify what the underlying cause is then we can work out the most appropriate action and program.

The treatments have proven results, which guarantees a cleaner and fresher mouth by using KForce products.

Bad breath facts

The third most common reason for people to visit the dentist is due to bad breath (Prevalence 22-50%). Odour increases with age and with medications. In younger people, Odour is commonly associated with a tongue coating (% related to gum issues and increases with age).

$2 Billion is spent on masking halitosis worldwide each year. In relation to halitosis, $810 million was spent in the US in 2013. In the mouth wash industry, Listerine holds the bulk of that market share.



Mouth 85-90%
Nose 5-10%
Tonsils 3%
Others (i.e.: Reflux, Diabetes) 1%


Tongue Coating 51
Gum Disease 32
Combo 17
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