Tooth Enamel

Tooth enamel once lost can never be replaced, once it is lost rebuilding teeth can become more difficult, this is why at accent we use early interceptive techniques to minimise tooth loss.

Worn teeth is becoming  an increasing problem for the majority of the population. It is often a multifactorial disease with many causative agents including diet, bruxism and erosive factors coming into play. The treatment will vary according to the causative agent, at Accent Dental we will be able to diagnose and treat accordingly a worn dentition.

Worn Teeth Symptoms

The early symptoms may include sensitive teeth or chipping or wearing of your teeth. The best treatment is prevention so we will normally provide you with an occlusal splint.

Sometimes the wear is too extensive and rebuilding your mouth may be the only option. We work closely with an international oral design dental technician to use the best in dental technology and materials often using digital design to rehabilitate your mouth. We can use our latest techniques to restore lost tooth, make you feel more comfortable and ultimately greatly improve your smile and confidence.

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