Wisdom Teeth Removal Perth

Wisdom teeth are the last or third molar in your mouth and generally develop between the ages of 16 and 26. Although extraction may not be necessary for all cases, choosing to keep your wisdom teeth can lead to various problems including pain, infection, periodontal disease and cysts. For these reasons, your dentist may advise you to remove your wisdom teeth. You may require removal for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Your wisdom teeth are impacting your other teeth
  • They’re causing pain or discomfort
  • They’re crowding your other teeth
  • They’re hard to clean and are causing decay or infection
  • They’re impacting your jaw
  • They haven’t emerged fully from your gums
  • In preparation for orthognathic surgery

All dental and surgical procedures carry risks. Treatment advice pending clinical suitability and consideration of alternative treatments. Before proceeding you may consider seeking a second opinion.

Post-op Instructions


The length of time you experience numbness will vary, depending on the type of anaesthetic you have received. While your mouth is still numb be very careful not to bite your cheek, lip or tongue. You will most likely be numb for the remainder of the day, if your numbness does not subside in 1 week then contact the surgery on (08) 92261461


We place sterile cotton gauze on the extraction site to limit bleeding. The gauze should be left in place for 30 minutes after you leave us.

  • Do not chew on the pack
  • After 30 minutes take out pack and discard safely
  • Do not suck on the extraction site
  • Try to keep your tongue away from the site
  • If bleeding persists place a new gauze in for 30 minutes- firm pressure stops bleeding

The Blood Clot

After the extraction, a blood clot forms in the tooth socket, this clot is an important part of the normal healing process. You should therefore avoid activities that might disturb the clot

  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol for the week
  • Limit strenuous exercise for the week


Avoid hot food until the anaesthetic wears off, adhere to a soft diet for 3 days post extraction, avoid grainy foods, or foods that can get stuck in the sockets, e.g. Rice.


Do not rinse your mouth today. Tomorrow rinse gently with warm salt water at least four times per day for one week, especially after meals. Rinse with Savacol (20 mls) morning and evening after oral hygiene routine.


Continue to brush all your other teeth as normal, using gentle technique around the extraction sites.


You have dissolvable sutures placed in your mouth (unless otherwise directed) and they will fall out in a few days to 2 weeks.

Heavy Machinery

Do not drive or operate heavy machinery for 24 hours.

Swelling and Bruising

Swelling and Bruising

Swelling and bruising is normal and will reach its maximum after 3-4 days. Place ice packs on your face immediately following your surgery and continue for 24-48 hours


To minimise pain please follow this protocol strictly unless directed otherwise by your anaesthetist, doctor or are unable to take the following medications:

  • Commence Ibuprofen, then 2 hours later take Paracetamol, then 2 hours after take Ibuprofen, then 2 hours later take Paracetamol – continue this staggered approach for 1 week.

If prescribed medications from your anaesthetist disregard this and follow their instructions.

  • If issued antibiotics, continue until course is completed

If you have any concerns call Accent Dental Care on (08) 9226 1461

Why Choose Accent Dental?

Our team are highly experienced in performing a wide range of procedures, including wisdom teeth removal. We can conduct this procedure under local anaesthesia, oral sedation, intravenous sedation or general anaesthesia.

Principal dentist, Dr. Daniel Abbondanza reserves lists at Southbank Day Surgery and Hedland Health Campus, and performs wisdom tooth extractions on a regular basis. However, more simple extractions can be completed in the dental surgery under local or intravenous sedation. We can accommodate patients quickly and efficiently, allowing them to resume their normal lives as quickly as possible.

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If you’re in need of wisdom teeth removal in Perth, be sure to talk to our experienced team at Accent Dental. Upon your initial consultation, we’ll be able to give you plenty of information regarding any risks and concerns you may have.

If you haven’t had your wisdom teeth removed, it may be worth getting checked to see if they are coming through, as they can often be removed before they surface. Make sure to book an appointment and ask your dentist about our wisdom tooth extraction today.

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